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Better Results in Less Time with fewer injuries

Mark Allen
6x Ironman World Champion, ESPN's Greatest Endurance Athlete of all time
"TriDot is mind-blowing. It’s groundbreaking."
Michellie Jones
Olympic Silver Medalist, IRONMAN World Champion
"You’re ahead of your competition before you even get on the start line."
Tim "To" O'Donnell
ITU Long Distance World Champion, 11x IRONMAN & IRONMAN 70.3 Champion
"TriDot’s technology is insane. Nothing else out there even comes close."
Mirinda "Rinny" Carfrae
3x ironman® World Champion, IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion
"Leveraging the world’s best training technology."
Craig "Crowie" Alexander
3x ironman® World Champion
"TriDot has pioneered the application of AI-driven triathlon training."


Transforms your raw training data into actionable data considering your age, gender, environment, genetics, and more


Optimizes your training using predictive analytics to deliver your best results in less time with fewer injuries


Measures and guides your training execution to help you stay on track and do the right training right

Factors in your


The first step in reaching your genetic potential is knowing what your genetic potential is. Physiogenomix™ leverages TriDot’s optimization engine to offer unparalleled training optimization based on your genetic profile.
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Considers your


Temperature, humidity, and elevation have a significant impact on your training and racing metrics. TriDot’s EnviroNorm® technology accounts for these variables to keep your training and racing spot on!
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Accurately measures

Training stress

Normalized Training Stress™ (NTS™) is the consummate method of quantifying the physiological stress from a training session. It considers the session’s discipline type, environment, intensity distribution, intensity levels, intensity durations, and your Training Stress Profile™ or your ability to absorb training stress.
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Connect Your Training Data

Connect to these, or other, apps and devices to auto-sync your training.
Other devices are supported within the app.

Do the right training right

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Triathletes Love TriDot

I love the TriDot training program. It has helped me level up my triathlon skills and allowed me to track long term progress of all my races. I would recommend TriDot to beginners and well-seasoned athletes.
Jonathan H
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