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6x Ironman world champion
ESPN greatest endurance athlete of all time
2-year, 21-race winning streak
first olympic distance world champion
international triathlon union hall of fame
USA triathlon hall of fame
ironman hall of fame

"It's a marriage of

Technology and Heart. TriDot."

- Mark Allen
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"The reason I coach..."

The reason I coach is because I owe the sport of triathlon whatever I can give back. It gave me a life, a career and has allowed me to meet some of the finest people in the world.It also allows me to play a part in helping people find their best selves by guiding you in your journey through triathlons and sport. It’s an experience that has changed everyone’s life who has taken that first step into exploring their potential, including mine.

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Get the best of both worlds; industry-leading AI technology and the experience and wisdom of the G.O.A.T of endurance sports