Solving Your 10 Biggest Triathlon Biking Problems
November 1, 2023

Are you struggling with your cycling? Do you want to become a more efficient (and thus faster) rider? Do you feel hesitant to join a group ride, nervous approaching a corner, or lack confidence on a long climb or steep descent? Join TriDot Coaches Jose Callen and Jason Verbracken as they tackle your 10 biggest biking problems. With their years of experience and expertise, Jose and Jason provide tips and solutions to help you raise your FTP and transition your indoor power gains to the road. They’ll also give tips on finding the right saddle, recognizing when your bike fit needs updating, and taking care of your bike and its parts. Get ready to conquer headwinds, crosswinds, and hills on race day with their expert advice. Plus, don’t miss their tips on pacing your effort so you can finish strong in the run. Don’t let common cycling problems hold you back any longer; more efficient and confident biking is within your grasp!

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