How long should your longest triathlon training sessions be? Is there any benefit to frequently swim the full distance that you'll cover in your next race? Do you NEED to bike over the distance that you'll do for your event at least once before showing up at the starting line? Should your long run be based on distance, or time on your feet? Join today's conversation with IRONMAN U Certified Coaches Raya Usher and Brady Hoover for the answers to these questions - and much more! Raya and Brady thoroughly cover the topic of longer workout sessions for triathletes. They discuss the physiological adaptations that are targeted through longer workouts, and offer practical tips for executing a good session. And of course, recovery is key - so they share their coaching strategies for ensuring athletes bounce back from these longer sessions feeling rejuvenated and ready for more. Tune in to learn how to approach your longer workouts with the right mindset and get the most out of your training.

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