Bike Maintenance Tips for Speed & Safety
February 5, 2024

How do you keep your ride in tip-top shape and always ready to roll out? In this episode, host Andrew Harley is joined by two special guests, TJ Tollakson from Dimond Bikes and TriDot Coach Chris Navin, to discuss all things bike maintenance for triathletes. The episode kicks off with the discussion of how often you should be cleaning your bikes and what steps you should take to ensure a properly maintained bike. Next, TJ and Chris delve into the essential bike parts that should be regularly maintained, as well as tips on how to learn to work on them. The duo also shares their advice for triathletes looking to do as much bike maintenance at home as possible, including key parts to learn how to maintain. But if you are a little worried about doing the maintenance yourself, never fear! The guests also provide wisdom for identifying when it may be better to rely on the experts! Tune in to this informative and entertaining episode to learn all about bike maintenance for triathletes. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced triathlete, this episode has something for everyone as you look to keep your bike safe and speedy for your training and racing.

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