As an athlete, it is crucial to understand the impact that your triathlon training can have on your bones. In this episode, we are joined by two special guests: Dr. Gillian Wooldridge, a sports medicine physician, and Dr. Krista Austin, an exercise physiologist and nutritionist. Dr. Wooldridge kicks off the conversation with an overview of bone health and common injury concerns that triathletes may be prone to. She also explains the concept of bone density and the various methods available to assess it. Then, Dr. Austin dives into the role of nutrition in maintaining strong bones. She highlights the essential nutrients that athletes should be getting enough of, and the consequences of not meeting these targets. The discussion then turns to hormone levels and their influence on bone health, with Dr. Wooldridge shedding light on any potential differences between males and females. Finally, the guests share important red flags that athletes should watch out for, indicating potential bone-related issues and what can be done to address them. Tune in to this informative and insightful episode to learn more about bone health and how to keep your body strong and healthy as a triathlete.

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