Fueling Your Endurance Journey: Nutrition Tips for Success in Any Endeavor
November 14, 2023
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How ‘dialed in’ is your race nutrition plan? From triathlons of different distances to standalone runs and bike events, this episode shares how you need to fuel for different types of races and activities. In this episode, we delve into the world of Precision Fuel and Hydration (PF&H) Case Studies. These studies review data from over 400 athletes participating in various endurance events. Host Andrew Harley is joined by Andy Blow and Emily Arrell, members of the PF&H team, to discuss the insights they have gained from these studies and how they have used them to refine their product line. Andy and Emily also share how listeners can apply this knowledge to their own individual needs. Whether you’re a triathlete, cyclist, or active in other outdoor sports, this episode will provide valuable insights on how to properly fuel and hydrate for optimal performance.

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