Optimized Nutrition to Fuel your Optimized Training
October 30, 2023

You know to do the right training right. But do you know how to best fuel that training? Fuelin and TriDot are two leading companies in the world of triathlon with a focus on providing top-of-the-line technology and education for athletes. In this episode, Scott Tindal, co-founder of Fuelin, and Jeff Booher, CEO of TriDot, join host Andrew Harley to talk about their recent integration and the benefits it brings for you. Fuelin is the world's first training-based nutrition app that provides you with a nutrition plan specifically tailored to your training. No more theoretical nutrition plans - this is fuel for the work required. In this episode, you'll learn about the exciting new partnership between Fuelin and TriDot and how it can enhance your training and racing performance with optimized nutrition. Tune in now to hear from the experts and get the inside scoop on this game-changing integration.

A big thanks to UCAN for being a long-time partner of the podcast! At TriDot, we are huge believers in using UCAN to fuel our training and racing. To experience UCAN’s LIVSTEADY products for yourself, head to their website UCAN.co! Use the code “TriDot” to save 20 percent on your entire order.

TriDot and Dimond Bikes are a dynamite race day 1 – 2 punch. Dimond provides you with the Ferrari of bikes, and TriDot Training develops your engine. We are excited to partner with Dimond on some really cool offers. If you are new to TriDot, we’re offering 6 months of the Mark Allen Edition of TriDot with the purchase of a Dimond. If you are already a TriDot athlete, we are offering either an upgrade credit or TriDot store credit with your new bike. Head to DimondBikes.com for all the info, and to dream up your very own bike.

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