Run Wisdom from Marathon Champion Meb Keflezighi
November 6, 2023

Looking to master the marathon, beat your previous best running times, or finish your first 5K? Look no further than the the insight's from today's episode! Olympic medalist and decorated marathon runner, Meb Keflezighi, and TriDot & RunDot CEO Jeff Booher sit down for an inspiring conversation about people taking up running and achieving their fitness goals. In this episode you'll hear about the latest venture of Meb's career - coaching the next generation of runners through RunDot. Meb shares how he discovered his passion for coaching and what attracted him to RunDot as a platform to nurture and train runners. Then, from his perspective as an elite runner, Meb shares valuable insights on how to improve running form and get the most out of each run workout. He also sheds light on the intricate race execution techniques that elite runners pay attention to on race day. Wherever you are in your run journey, there's both motivation and tips for improvement right here!

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