Solving Your 10 Biggest Triathlon Swimming Problems
October 31, 2023

Are you struggling with your swimming? Do you avoid getting in open water, find your legs sinking, or feel short of breath during training? Join TriDot Coaches Will Usher and Joanna Nami as they tackle your 10 biggest swim problems. Will and JoJo provide tips and solutions to help you become a more efficient and confident swimmer. Learn how to improve your pacing, navigate open water conditions, and find your swim “zen” on race day. Don’t let common swim problems hold you back any longer. Plus, learn about the TriDot Pool School teaching methodology that can revolutionize your swim technique, boost your confidence, and improve your times.

Looking to improve your freestyle swim? At TriDot Pool School you’ll be taught step-by-step how to turn your muscle memory into full-stroke swimming that’s smooth and fast.

Ready to jump in? There are Pool Schools currently available in the USA, and around the world. Head to TriDot.com/pool-school to learn more and sign up today.

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