What Today’s Triathlete Can Learn from Yesterday’s Champions
January 22, 2024
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In this special episode, we are joined by two of the most iconic figures in the sport of triathlon - Mark Allen and Kathleen McCartney. With 7 IRONMAN World Championship titles between them and decades of training and coaching, they are rich in experience and perspective. As they reminisce on their own triathlon journeys, Mark and Kathleen reflect on how much the sport has evolved over the years. From the early days of DIY race gear to the cutting-edge technology available to athletes today, they discuss how these advancements have changed the game and impacted their own training and racing. But this episode isn't just a trip down memory lane. Mark and Kathleen share invaluable advice for all triathletes, from beginners to seasoned pros. Drawing from their own experiences, they offer insights on how to balance training with other life commitments, what to prioritize in your workouts, and how to keep your motivation and focus strong throughout the season.

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