Your Questions Answered: Smarter Strength Sessions, Aerodynamic Advantages, The Benefits of Different Swim Strokes, & More
January 15, 2024
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TriDot coaches Elizabeth James, Ryan Tibball, and Joanna Nami are in the hot seat on this round-robin, rapid-fire episode! Host Vanessa Ronksley is asking YOUR listener-submitted questions about a variety of topics. Learn how to prevent (or remove) that rancid stench from your triathlon gear, and grab some top tips for recovery when you are time-crunched. Elizabeth, Ryan, and Joanna also take a close look at shoulder mobility and planning strength sessions that target your areas of improvement. Get some tips for terrain management on your cycling sessions, making periodized nutrition a little easier with pre-planned meals and snacks, and gain a better understanding all of those training metrics like swimming stroke rate, running ground contact time & vertical oscillation, and platform center offset in cycling. This episode has a tip for everyone!

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